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Condominium law column, presentations, motions & orders.

Attorney Ducharme’s bi-weekly condominium law column appears weekly in the Portsmouth Herald, Exeter Newsletter, and the Hampton Union.

Condo Column: The Corporate Colossus June 15, 2023

Condo Column: The bully ‘round the corner May 11, 2023

Condo Columns: The sociopath next door April 27, 2023

Condo Column: A board appreciation March 24, 2023

Condo Column: Up in a puff of smoke February 21, 2023

Condo Column: The hidden danger February 9, 2023

Condo Column: Case law update January 12, 2023

Condo Column: Full replacement value January 5, 2023

Condo Column: The giving season December 1, 2022

Condo Column: The fairness of it all November 20, 2022

Condo Column: Snow contractor contracts October 20, 2022

Condo Column: A limit on liability October 13, 2022

Condo Column: An eggcellent idea? September 29, 2022

Condo Column: Costs and fees September 1, 2022

Condo Column: The dawn of new lawns? August 25, 2022

Condo Column: Condos and credit agencies don't mix August 11, 2022

Condo Column: An update on NH legislative action July 21, 2022

Condo Column: When a home is not a home July 6, 2022

Condo Column: So, your child/friend/niece/nephew wants to be a lawyer? June 16, 2022

Keeping it green: Tips for negotiating a condo association landscaping contract June 3, 2022

Condo Column: Access to your money May 19, 2022

Condo Column: The crypto mistake April 21, 2022

Condo Column: A feral frenzy April 7, 2022

Condo Column: The bad budget bill March 17, 2022

Condo Column: NH bill would bring forced servitude and collapse of condominiums February 24, 2022

Condo Column: Proposed NH legislation would bring anarchy to condo associations February 10, 2022

Condo Column: NH bill proposes a tax break for condo owners January 27, 2022

Condo Column: Review declaration and bylaws with attorney at transition January 13, 2022

When it comes to condo associations, The Grinch is not always wrong December 16, 2021

Condo News: Not walking a mile in someone else's shoes November 11, 2021

Condo Column: The transition from developers to owners October 7, 2021

The Pacaso Puzzle September 22, 2021

Robert Ducharme: A 2021 legislative update for condo owners and others September 2, 2021

Robert Ducharme: The misplaced reservation about reserves August 23, 2021

Mr. Busy and Peter Rabbit August 9, 2021

Waving the flag: Condo associations have to tread firmly, fairly July 8, 2021

Robert Ducharme: What's in a Family? June 21, 2021

Compassionate Condo Community June 4, 2021

Ducharme: Bringing home the bacon May 24, 2021

Condo Board meetings are not for all May 6, 2021

The appeal of appeals for condo owners April 23, 2021

Condo World: Trials and tribulations of association violations April 8, 2021

Condo World: Problems in the Poconos March 25, 2021

Condo World: A better way to meet March 11, 2021

Condo World: Electronic condo association meetings now and in the future February 25, 2021

Condo World: The coming kidnapping of condo associations February 11, 2021

Condo World: Association rental programs can be restrictive January 28, 2021

Condo World: Here it comes: Winter Tips, Part 2, Ice Dams January 15, 2021

Condo World: Another chance for us to get it right December 31, 2020

Condo World: Holiday hopes, happiness and (a bit of) humor December 18, 2020

Condo World: Here comes winter. Be ready. December 11, 2020

Condo World: Tips for meeting during the pandemic November 19, 2020

CONDO WORLD: Bigger is not always better November 5, 2020

CONDO WORLD: Keeping your money safe October 22, 2020

Condo World: Freedom of speech and political signs in condominiums October 9, 2020

Condo World: Saving for a rainy day – Part II September 18, 2020

Condo World: Saving for a rainy day – Part I September 2, 2020

Condo World: Best to stay out of neighbor noise disputes August 23, 2020

Condo World: To tow or not to tow, Part II August 13, 2020

Condo World: To tow or not to tow, Part I August 6, 2020

Condo World: Census taking in a pandemic July 9, 2020

War of the Roses, Caddyshack? These condo tales are even better June 25, 2020

CONDO WORLD: The rainy day is coming. Are you ready? June 11, 2020

Behavior of some condo owners is only getting worse May 28, 2020

The petri dish that is a condominium association May 14, 2020

Condo fee collection during the pandemic? April 12, 2020

Condo boards can help residents during pandemic March 26, 2020

One person's noise is another person's nuisance March 12, 2020

Of defibs and dogs February 26, 2020

Who’s Robert and why does he get to make all the rules? Part II February 16, 2020

Who’s Robert and why does he get to make all the rules? February 2, 2020

Contacting the contractors is not a good idea January 19, 2020

Reading is fundamental in your condo association January 5, 2020

You won’t believe these silly condo rules December 22, 2019

Tips and thoughts for a better run condo association December 8, 2019

Know the rules for association’s executive action November 17, 2019

Management skills turnover inevitable in condo associations November 3, 2019

The history of condominiumsOctober 17, 2019

It’s annual fall meeting season at the condosOctober 6, 2019

Zombie homes are a real threat at the condos September 20, 2019

How ghost owners can impact your association September 8, 2019

Build some community in a condo community August 25, 2019

Should you be concerned about kids in the condo? August 11, 2019

Like Putin says: Drone use needs rules of engagement July 28, 2019

No condo law changes, but plenty of other mischief in 2019 July 12, 2019

CONDO WORLD June 23, 2019

Are cameras in condos OK? June 9, 2019

Woodland v. Fannie Mae a dangerous case May 26, 2019

There's a buzz in the air May 12, 2019

The duty of the board: Morals of the story April 28, 2019

Work within the rules or work to change them April 14, 2019

Spring into action to head off problems March 31, 2019

Condo management in times of crisis March 17, 2019

Smoking at the condo: A cloudy issue March 3, 2019

Too many cooks in making condo laws February 17, 2019

State's proposed changes to condo draw a chuckle February 3, 2019

The hidden income stream can help January 13, 2019

Dryers are leading cause of fires December 30, 2018

Christmas gifts for your condo and association December 16, 2018

Condo World November 25, 2018

Associations must maintain proper reserve levels November 11, 2018

Remember to have civility and graceOctober 28, 2018

Parking problems at the condo October 14, 2018

Trash versus treasure hoarding at the condo September 30, 2018

2018 Condo law changes, Part II September 16, 2018

Latest changes to Condominium Act are significant September 2, 2018

Thoughts on voting and cybersecurity August 19, 2018

Better to be safe (and insured) than sorry August 5, 2018

Condo World: Ensure you are properly insured July 22, 2018

Commit to committees for best management, part III June 21, 2018

Commit to committees for best management, part II June 21, 2018

Commit to committees for best management May 25, 2018

Condo associations must act to stop discrimination May 11, 2018

Discrimination at the condo April 27, 2018

An emoji is worth a thousand words March 23, 2018

Condo associations must adapt to changing times February 23, 2018

Check certifications for management companies February 9, 2018

Pay your condo association fee with a smile January 26, 2018

Some brief wisdom regarding condo law December 31, 2017

Associations need a policy on community communications December 23, 2017

The Condo conundrum: Social media at the association December 2, 2017

Caught in the web: The use of websites in condo associations November 17, 2017

All I really know about condo life I learned in kindergarten September 22, 2017

NH fine tunes Condominium Act August 26, 2017

Emotional Support Animals can create mess for condo boards August 11, 2017

Bad legal documents can be an expensive problem July 28, 2017

Ethics at the condo, Part 1 July 14, 2017

Kids can present challenges in condos June 30, 2017

Managing the condo manager June 16, 2017

Home-based businesses complicate condo rules May 26, 2017

Air conditioning can fell condo associations May 12, 2017

Keep community in the condo association April 28, 2017

The case for condominium lawyers April 7, 2017

Balancing act of insurance with contractors March 31, 2017

Condominiums are a great option March 17, 2017

How to deal with nuisance smells in condos March 3, 2017

Ethics at the condominium association, Part II February 17, 2017

Ethics at the condominium association, Part 1 February 3, 2017

Knowing your boundaries in managing condos January 20, 2017

Open carry at the condo? January 6, 2017

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...Condo Version December 17, 2016

Unhappy holidays at the condo? December 2, 2016

A condo conundrum: Who's an owner? November 18, 2016

Sky's the limit with drones November 4, 2016

Is your condo association's election the most important? October 21, 2016

We all need boundaries in condo associations October 7, 2016

Don't let 'Dinosaur Documents' govern your association September 23, 2016

Associations that go 'green' can save cash September 2, 2016

New laws change condo association management August 19, 2016

NH Legislature rewrites Condo Act July 30, 2016

The Problem with Insurance Claims July 16, 2016

Age restrictions at condos get associations sued July 1, 2016

The great quest for condominium contractors June 17, 2016

Condo association loans a sign of poor management June 3, 2016

The great quest for condominium contractors May 20, 2016

The financial hole of condo associations May 6, 2016

Spring serves up challenges for associations April 22, 2016

High times at condo association April 8, 2016

Boards should not overreact with mold March 18, 2016

Should condo associations ban sex offenders? March 4, 2016

Aging at the condominium association February 19, 2016

Condo associations not responsible for ice damage January 8, 2016

Working from home a 21st century reality December 4, 2015

Be wary of short term rentals at condos November 20, 2015

Rules on rentals at the condo November 6, 2015

Pets a common condo conundrum October 23, 2015

Some quick tips can help condo associations October 9, 2015

How to buy a condominium - Part 2 September 25, 2015

How to buy a condominium September 11, 2015

Working from home in a condo August 14, 2015

How to run condo boards right July 31, 2015

Quick tips to live better in Condo World July 4, 2015

Who is the most important person in the association? June 20, 2015

Your home is your castle…sort of June 6, 2015

Board powers are broad powers May 8, 2015

Time for spring cleaning May 1, 2015

Dealing with a rogue condo board April 17, 2015

Changing the rules of the game March 27, 2015

The friend and the floor plan February 28, 2015

Slow cooked ribs at the condo February 14, 2015

The Social Compact and Condominiums January 16, 2015

Legal Aspects of Condominium Development and Homeowners' Associations Presentation Notes from National Business Institute Seminar, Manchester, December 4, 2014.

Harassment - Motion for Receiver

State of NH Docket No. 219-2014-CV-280 Order Appointing Receiver

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